Tierra Adentro (Inner Land)
Tierra Adentro means Inner Land. In Mexican history, it refers to the undiscovered country that the Spanish had yet to conquer and Christianize, the land beyond regulation-akin to the U.S.'s frontier or Wild West, Guanajuato, in central Mexico, comprises part of that historical land and was the refuge of proud revolutionaries. The second meaning that Tierra Adentro implies is our won inner land, the unknown frontier inside each one of us.

Tierra Adentro expansively accomodates guests to explore all these lands.

Tierra Adentro provides its magnificent settings for all important occasions, be they weddings, photo shoots, reunions, retreats or a well deserved family vacation. Experience the reinvention of traditional Mexican hacienda architecture, providing 21st century comfort, while easily accommodating up to sixteen for private getaways. A sparkling mineral rich pool, friendly staff, and country style hospitality soothe the senses, and nurture the soul.